Schleswig-Holstein training preparation program (AVSH)

Educational goals
  • The Schleswig-Holstein training preparation program (AVSH) is initially aimed at young people who want to consolidate their vocational orientation and need support with the transition to training.
  • If necessary, pupils receive assistance with learning German.
  • Young people without an ESA have the opportunity to obtain this first general school-leaving qualification if they perform well in all subjects and successfully complete additional lessons in mathematics, German and English. Transfer to training as a state-certified care assistant or to training as a social education assistant (with ESA in 3 years) is possible.
  • Pupils who already have the MSA and have not yet received a place at the vocational school specializing in social pedagogy (social pedagogical assistant with MSA in 2 years) can improve their chances of admission for the next application by attending AVSH-Soziales and completing internships in specified fields of work.
Educational content

Job-related teaching content in theory and practice may include:

  • Supporting people with disabilities, e.g. exercises with wheelchairs
  • Musical and creative content to engage people of different ages
  • Providing for people of different age groups, e.g. preparing food and selling it at the school kiosk
  • Basics of first aid
  • Important topics from basic care, including infant care
  • Using standard software in the PC room
  • Presentation techniques
  • Participation in cross-school social projects

The interdisciplinary subjects are:

  • Economy/Politics
  • German/Communication
  • Mathematics
  • P.E./Health Promotion

Internships in different fields of work are an important part of the training preparation and are carried out 2 to 3 days a week or in blocks.

Admission requirements

Applicants should be under the age of majority and have completed their full-time compulsory education.

Exceptions are possible.


There are no school fees. Learning materials are provided within the framework of the applicable regulations.


Applications for the school year must be submitted in February of each year, namely the

  • Application for admission
  • Complete curriculum vitae with educational and professional background
  • Copies of the final report card or last semester's report card