Get rid of something?

Are you unhappy with the state of the school toilets? Do you feel misunderstood by teachers, classmates or colleagues? Do you have ideas for the future design of the school? And no one really listens to you? In short: you want to get something off your chest? Then you can do so easily from now on: In the main building and in the Rondeel building, you will find an "old school" analog mailbox where you can leave your message. If you would like us to get back to you, it is best to include your contact details in your message.

You can see where the boxes are located and what they look like in the photos below.

You can also send us an e-mail with your concerns, wishes or ideas. At

you can reach us around the clock and in urgent cases, because we "only" empty the boxes once a week.

In fact, we look forward to constructive criticism from you, as this is the only way we can change and develop in everyone's interest - in other words, become.

Your los.werden team

The get rid of box in the Rondeel: 1st floor next to the door to the department heads
The get rid of box in the main building: first floor to the left of the photo wall