School pastoral care

Pastoral care at school is an opportunity for everyone involved in the school to talk. This means that both pupils and teachers, but also parents and people who are otherwise involved in school life, such as secretaries and school social workers, can make use of this service.

Pastoral care at school is an offer for all topics that move us inwardly and affect our view of the world and people. This could include school grades as well as the way we interact with each other in and out of school. Questions about our own purpose and meaning in life in the face of conflict, separation or the death of a loved one could also be a topic for a school counseling session.

Sometimes it is good and sensible to take care of your own psyche and then make use of school counseling. It goes without saying that all information remains in the room and is not passed on unless this is expressly requested.

In addition to other counseling services, pastoral care in schools is an interdenominational and interreligious opportunity for discussion.

Best regards,

Sylvia-B. Bernien, StR. Dipl. ev. Theol, Dipl. Päd.