Home, what is it? - BG22b in search of clues

These were the questions that form BG22 b explored during a visit to the "Heimaten" (= homes/homelands) exhibition at the Open-Air Museum Molfsee.

We were accompanied by Ms Tewes, Mr Grunwaldt and Mr Cordsen from the „Verein zur Pflege der Natur- und Landeskunde SH“ (an association for natural history and regional studies of Germany´s northernmost federal state Schleswig-Holstein), which gave us the opportunity to look for answers to our cross-generational questions.

For me, Schleswig-Holstein is part of my homeland. But it can also just be the smell of freshly cut lawn that makes me feel at home. In the exhibition, each individual exhibit clearly showed a very unique form of home - from dirndls to floor plans of one's own house to passports as a symbol of nationality. Home can be anything and yet it is something very special. And anyone can find their (new) home anywhere.

Finja Gimbel, BG22 b

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