Snow Sports Trip - Vocational high school successfully explores the sunny Zillertal valley

When we finally arrived, it was time to check into our rooms, borrow equipment and enjoy a good meal.

The next day saw the start of the long-awaited days on the slopes. Divided into different groups, we learnt how to ski and snowboard or optimised our skills even further, since everyone received two hours of lessons per day from the local ski and snowboard school. The rest of the day was then spent practising further exercises in small groups or with the instructors. This meant that everyone was able to learn a lot more and significantly improve their skiing.

On two days, the weather Gods were not on our side and sent the Kiel coastal wind into the mountains. As a result, the ski area had to be evacuated in the afternoon on one day and, unfortunately, we were only able to ski in the mornings. But we met these challenges together, made the best of the situation and enjoyed some après ski in the afternoon.

For the first time ever we held a successful practical secondary school-leaving examination in snow sports this year. It's great that this opportunity has been created and that the A-level Sport can be made even more appealing.

In the evening, there was always a really great menu in our accommodation to cater for all tastes. Both the group and the atmosphere were great. The evenings were filled with board games, table football and watching the European Handball Championship before everyone collapsed into bed.

Everyone had an unforgettable time, and we are already looking forward to the next trip with the next great group.

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