Specialized library

Location: Rondeel-Gebäude, Raum 118

Literature from relevant subject areas can be borrowed from the specialist library.

Subject areas:

  • General pedagogy
  • Social pedagogy
  • Curative education
  • School education
  • Media education
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • philosophy
  • music
  • art
  • Law

Opening hours

Wednesdays 8:30-12:00
Fridays 10:00-13:30

The library of the Berufliches Gymnasium in the S-building (room S11) is always open on Wednesdays from 12:00-13:30 and on Fridays from 08:30-10:00.

Contact person:

Herr Kalkbrenner

Telephone: (0431) 1698-122 (during the opening hours in the Rondeel)

Telephone: (0431) 1698-166 (during the opening hours in the S-Gebäude)

E-Mail: s.kalkbrenner@rbz-koenigsweg.org

Helpful files for the specialist library in the Rondeel-Gebäude

file_downloadDepartments offenes Magazin

file_downloadSite map offenes Magazin

file_downloadKeyword catalog offenes Magazin

Note: The entire library stock can be viewed on the school platform "IServ" (for registered users) under the "Library" module!