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The RBZ am Königsweg stands by all those who actively protect and promote our democracy and diversity in our society. We condemn any form of extremism that endangers our democracy and call on everyone involved in school life to take a stand!

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News from the Königsweg

Dzien dobry z Polski, hello from Poland!

From 27. to 29. February 2024, we, the teachers Jeitner, Passlack and Sallach, visited our partner school in Swinemünde (Świnoujście) in Poland. There we received a very warm welcome and were shown around the school premises and the Baltic Sea beach.


At the end of January, the FS22d trainee educators and their LF3 teacher Marco Morawietz visited the State Commissioner for People with Disabilities, Michaela Pries, in the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament.


We are thrilled and proud that our RBZ am Königsweg has been nominated for the Schleswig-Holstein 2024 School Award. The motto of the competition is "Developing future skills - preparing for a changing world". THAT is what we are doing!


A small group of interested students from RBZ am Königsweg attended an event at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel on 19 January 2024.


This year's snow trip to the Zillertal started from Friday to Saturday night. The double-decker bus set off for the mountains with 63 students and 6 teachers in high spirits.


"Heimat". What is it actually? Is it a place? Can you smell it? Can you taste it? Feel it? And what if you have to leave your "Heimat"? Can you find a new one?