What is Germany?

Hier ein Beispiel von Zeinab Andrea Naji (12c):

This is Germany

As I make my way into the west,
I pass by boys that don't know rest.
I pass by women holding onto what they have left.

Concrete walls surround them,
swallowing them whole.

I see a man running from numbers.
His hair gray and body old.
He falls into a black pit,
his running coming to a halt.

A while later,
As I pass by open fields,
a striped fabric makes its way into my hands.
Building after building covers the land and next to them, thousands of people standing in line, slowly boarding a plane.

I look around and see a girl,
hair covered and hands in shackles following them with a missing mouth.

I close my eyes.

The next time I open them,
I see a building covered in red.
A man steps out holding a gun.

I wait.

The police car approaching the scene drives by.
The man continues on.

Someone shakes me.
As I open my eyes, I notice that everything I've seen is replaced by a thriving society.
Blond hair as far as the eyes can reach, mixed with nothing but the purest bread.

Relieved I exit the train station
for I know the trip was just a dream,
and those horrendous things I've seen were just not real.